Online Shopping At Simply Yours


Simply Yours is an online shopping catalog that mainly sells women’s underwear and lingerie. You can find every kind of undergarment at this store, including brassieres, shape wear, bathing suits and more. It is a dream come true for most women who shop here. Simply Yours offers many brand name and designer items such as Panache, Freya, Zoggs and many others. There is an almost endless supply to choose from. The holidays are coming soon, and many women are starting to shop for gifts. Unfortunately, some people may not have enough money to buy the nice things that they desire due to the poor economy. This becomes even more of an issue if a person has poor credit in addition to having little money.

Buying items online usually requires the use of a credit card. A lot of consumers have earned a poor credit score over the years, usually because of missing payments. No matter what causes a person’s credit score to fall, it can result in merchants not wanting to extend credit to certain customers.

Very few stores will extend a line of credit to someone who has a history of missing payments, but some can be a little more forgiving than others as long as the customer agrees to some limitations. is a useful comparison site and lists shopping catalogues for people with bad credit history.

Online shopping catalogs similar to Simply Yours operate almost completely by providing lines of store credit to their customers. Because of this, they are able to take on customers who are considered high risk. There are not as many requirements necessary when filling out a credit application for one of these stores and it is easier to be accepted. People who have bad credit have a chance to improve their credit score by getting an account with these stores and making their payments on time. Some stores offer payment plans such as the buy now pay later program.

Buy Now Pay Later
In order to shop at Simply Yours, customers must establish a credit account. They will receive an account statement each month. One of the benefits of this credit account is that the first 28 days are not charged an interest fee. Anything you buy and pay off during this time period will not incur interest charges. Monthly payment programs also enable you to break up the amount over time. Even if you don’t pay off your total balance within the first 28 days, you can make payments during the next several months or you can choose a weekly payment option. This makes it easier for people who don’t have a lot of money upfront to pay off a large balance. The best part about these payment plans is that they have a positive effect on the customer’s credit score as long as they keep up with the payments.

Shipping and Returns
All Simply Yours orders are shipped via next day shipping unless another arrangement is made. Shipping is free for customers who live in the United Kingdom. Customers in other countries will be charged a shipping fee. It does not cost anything to return items, but the customer must pay shipping. The store provides a handing fitting guide that helps shoppers find the right size for them.


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