The Princess Diana ring is back in demand after decades

It was in the 1980’s that the fairytale romance of Princess Diana and Prince Charles first captured the hearts of Wales’s public. Since then no single piece of jewelry has captured as much attention as the Princess Diana ring as it came to called. Her exquisite selection made the demand for sapphire set rings to change overnight and it has been a symbol that the world recognized again as he same ring glistened on Kate Middleton’s finger later. The stunning ring was the focal point of the royal wedding, when Princess Diana married Prince Charles on February 24, 1981.

tumblr_lpdezjybAG1qidgdgThe princess’s choice was not a custom made elaborate ring and this commoner’s choice as it was scoffed at by some members of the royal family became a status symbol and fashion statement globally. With an 18 carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds set in a cluster, this ring was made by Garrard jewelers. The cost of Diana’s engagement ring back then was $65,000 and today it costs half a million to have an exact one like that made. The rich blue sapphire ring is now back in the spotlight when it was chosen to be the ring that Prince William used when proposing to Kate. The Princess Diana ring is back in vogue.

When Diana chose Garrard jewelers for her engagement ring, the decision created quite a stir. Royalty demands a certain amount of design, intricacy, wealth and prestige to be associated with the jewelry that is to be worn. Diana pushed aside all these concerns in her decision not to have one made expressly for her. The Princess Diana ring was hardly mediocre though and it was designed by the jewelers who have been caring for and maintaining the crown jewels of Britain. While it was a catalog design, the piece has been one that has been worthy of distinction and notice since then.

The popularity of non diamond engagement rings rose after the Princess Diana ring which favored a central sapphire stone. The demands for sapphires in the market changed overnight. It has continued to rise with the recent resurfacing of the same ring in a more recent royal wedding. Her simple classic taste was reflected in the oval shape chosen for the sapphire which was an elegant piece. Replica rings are available from many retailers all over the world since then and her choices have been continually loved and copied by admirers both famous and non-famous.


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