The trendy stacked bob hair styles for short haircut

bob cutWith your short haircut, you can get a pretty new look by just turn it to a stacked bob hair styles. This hair style is originally from a graduated cut. However, the back hair is shorter than a front hair, just like a drastically layer inverted bob hairstyle. The layers are obviously stacked on top of each other. The very short bottom pieces will be generated and created its naturally shape as it goes upward.

You can either keep your front hair long or short as you want. Your hair can stretch down to your chain, if you really like it long. With a shorter hair, you still have to give the front hair longer than your back hair. The angle created between the front and back can make this hair look more modern and very stylish. You can also play at a side part of your stacked bob hair style by sweep it which will soften your character and make you look more feminine.

With this great bob hair style, you can spend only little time on it for a normal look. But on the other hand, if you have more time, you can put a little effort and make it more noticeable. With straightening iron and hair cream, you will have a lovely smooth stacked bob hair style to complete your great look. With a curve, using a curling iron in front and top hair can also inspired yourself for the day.


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