Makeup tips for brown eyes and brown hair

First, color to go with the brown eyes

If your eyes are brown, the first thing you might think when you start to makeup on your eyes is “what color of eyeshadow should I go for?” Generally and naturally, the answer will be brown, beige and neutral tans. With these makeup color tips for your brown eyes, the other color you should go for are gray, charcoal, violet or even lavender. If you have a hint of green in your eyes, just go for this color to inspire yourself out.

step-by-step-how-to-create-brown-smokey-eyes-for-christmas-new-yearYou can also try to highlight your eyes with different color shade, for example brown with green highlight or khaki with the olive green. In addition, copper with gold would mixed well and give your eyes a great look. Even the brown eyeshadow with brown eye could give you a great look as well. Try on different color shades and remember the right one for you.

With colors to avoid, black is one of them. Other colors are pink, mauves and also blue. Although you love pinks, most women do, but avoid it with your brown eyes. Your eyes can look swollen or puffy with the pink or mauves. These makeup color tips for your brown eyes didn’t suggest you not to use these colors, it also depend on dress and the events. Simply keep in mind for the trial of the mix and match of your eyes with different colors and use your instinct to get the right color for you.

Another thing to think about is the eyeliner colors. Makeup tips for brown eyes are, always use dark brown or black eyeliner. Do not make it too thick otherwise, you will get the panda eyes instead. If you want to use a brighter color for the eyeliner, go with silver or white (from inside corner of your eyes) and then finish with a dark brown. The other colors you can try on are navy, forest green, violet and copper. Remember to mix and match your eyeshadows with your eyeliner, the right combination is waiting for you, for the best looking.

Second, what’s the tip for good makeup for the brown hair?

If you have chocolate brown hair color, you can use lilac or blue eyeshadow with black eyeliners to drawn more attention for your look. A blended brown eyeshadow with black eyeliner can also nicely match with your hair color.

Next makeup tips for brown hair are about your cheeks and your lips.

makeup_for_brown_eyesWhat color to go for your cheeks? Try some blush of apples. However, to get your right shade, you have to try by yourself. Makeup tips here told you to pinch your cheeks and choose colors that closely match to your natural color after these steps.

While for your lips, think about lipstick colors that match with both your eyes and cheeks. Light brown hair can go with a great look of dark bold red lipstick while dark brown hair can go well with bubble gum pink lipstick.

The best makeup tip for brown eyes/ brown hair is try in on, you will see what is great on yourself. Above are some makeup tips for you, but before you design which color you should go for, try them on and go for your instinct for the best look you get after dress all makeup up.


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