Accessory Trends for the Fashion Conscious

Accessory Trends for the Fashion ConsciousThere are several new spring accessory trends that you could take a look at and probably change your wardrobe. Accessories are a major part of the style statement of every person. Fashion isn’t always about the apparel or the jewellery. The kind of belts you wear, the bracelets, the cuff links, earrings, bags and shoes are all part of the package and you will have to make sure you hit the right balance. You have to follow up a stylish outfit with the right accessories too.

There are several accessories whose popularity has picked up on the back of the spring accessory trends. For men bracelets and cuff links are getting very popular. Cloche hats taking us back almost by a century are being picked up more and more to complement drop waist dresses. The good thing about cloche hats is that they suit almost everyone, which adds to their popularity even further. Brim sunhats which were popular in the 70s are perfect and are being used a lot along with flared jeans and maxi dresses.

bright-boho-bags1Silk scarves and neckerchief and a halter-top tied to the purse are the other accessories which are part of the spring 2011 accessory trends. Retro sunglasses with Perspex frames, eye shapes inspired by the trends almost 5 decades ago and the placement of letters and numbers on the frame are part of the latest fashion trends that are doing the rounds currently. Satchel style bags, the classic bohos and crochet fabrics are also coming back in a big way. Another stylish accessory is the stacked bangles or cuffs which can jazz up any kind of outfit. Mini bags in bright colours like orange, red and pink, along with other brighter shades, are also being used as people are not worried about attracting attention any more.


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